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Welcome to the iCLP: Online Learning Hub on Competition Law and Policy!

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Welcome to the iCLP: Online Learning Hub on Competition Law and Policy!


Introduction to Competition Economics

This self-paced online course tackles basic concepts of economics in market competition. It intends to provide the participants with a less technical understanding of competition economics and serve as a foundation for other competition law and policy (CLP) courses. When taken, the stakeholders may better appreciate other discussions on CLP.

Leveling the Playing Field through the National Competition Policy (NCP): A Blended Learning Course for Government Agencies

This self-paced online course enjoins all stakeholders in government to enhance their capacities in line with the rollout of the NCP, pursuant to Administrative Order No. 44, s. 2021.

Making Markets Work for Consumers

This course for the general public defines market competition and enumerates the benefits of having a pro-competition policy like the Philippine Competition Act. It provides easy, digestible lectures delivered in Filipino language.

Introductory Course on Competition Law and Policy (CLP) for MSMEs

As its pilot offering, this course for the micro-, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) may take to know and have a deeper understanding of the Philippine Competition Act (RA 10667) and its salient provisions.

A Guide on PCC's Merger Notification and Review Process

The PCC aims to promote fair market competition to help achieve a vibrant and inclusive economy and to expand consumer choices to improve consumer welfare. One of the departments of the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) is the Mergers and Acquisitions Office (MAO) which ensures that mergers and acquisitions transactions do not substantially lessen competition in the market. This online course provides a guide on the merger notification and review process of the PCC.